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December 7, 2016


以潔白輕柔姿態觸摸天際 Touch the sky with a white soft postur

Lying in Sanshing, Yilan, in the north of the Wai-a-wai Bridge, the pale blue of the sky and the green of fields fill this space according to the horizon as a boundary. We use a spotless white and simple building surface to make this building integrate into the blue sky, standing on this comfortable land at ease. 


In the original low-rise scattered buildings, the building becomes a visual focus due to its comparatively slender body. The clear skyline even makes people aware of the beautiful sky, so free and simple.


向內保有自我 向外擁抱自然 Inner privacy, Outer embrace

Located in Sanshing, Yilan , the building lot is in the west of Luotong River. In the north are the vast rise fields and a country road without any buildings. The southern Wai-a-wai Bridge is the artery in this place, and buildings are erected mostly along it.




We designed large-area curtain walls and French windows in the east and the north to take advantage of the glamorous view towards the fields, a wandering country road ,river and the clear sky. And we hope to form a closer interaction with the nature environment by some semi-outdoor space such as balcony.


On the west and the south concrete walls are mainly small square windows. We hope not only to reducing the high temperature caused by the sunshine in the west, but also to isolate from the noise and attention of the neighboring residential and roads, keeping privacy.




豐富的視覺饗宴 Rich visual experiences

Different sizes of square windows create different visual experiences. A large one makes you take in everything at a glance, while a small one to pry into the outside world. High and low openings are distinct frames of the attractive scenery, which cleverly create a dynamic interaction between human and nature in this building.




There we have erected a five-storey building to take advantage of the glamorous view with an idea of an observatory. High windows of the basement close to the ground allow us to feel familiar to the land. A country road seen from the first floor wanders into the distance. And on the fifth floor you can overlooking the rice fields, far to the eastern Loutong River and grasslands. Such difference heights of viewpoint from BIF to 5F successfully create rich visual experiences.




在德築服務矩陣的領域當中,建設、建築、室內、景觀都是德築團隊有所服務的項目,HA House夏進行的是建築、室內與景觀的項目,從原創概念發想、方案初步設計、專業經驗的細部設計、專業工程的管理等等的服務內容,每個服務內容都能夠看到德築建築集團盡心盡力之處,只為創造更多的好環境給每一位有緣人。




設計案位置 - 宜蘭三星

主要用途 - 住宅

執行項目 - 土地開發 / 整體規劃 / 建築設計 / 室內設計 / 營造與室內裝修

設計團隊 - 德築建築工場

建築師 - 黃德倫 / 李明杰 / 游凱傑

室內設計 - 藍佩芬 / 朱宛君

營造廠 - 德築建築工場

結構顧問 - 哥倫布工程顧問公司

基地面積 - 768.52 ㎡

建築面積 - 76.85 ㎡

總樓地板面積 - 309.9 ㎡

年份 - 2014

攝影者 - 德築建築工場


Location: Sanshing, Yi-Lan, Taiwan

Predominant Use: Domestic use

Architects : Delun Huang / Minja Lee / Yuyu

Interior Design: Peifan Lan / Rita

Design Team: Delun Design Group

Construction Co. : Delun Design Group

Structural Consultants: Columbus Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Area: 768.52 ㎡

Total floor area: 309.9 ㎡

Year: 2014

Photographs: Delun Design Group




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